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2023/12/01 16:44:52

That’s what I call “modular Xmas.”

2023/11/24 08:08:32

Around a year ago the great »Telefís« released their wonderful »a Dó«. My music app says that since then I've played »The Carthaginians« almost a thousand times. Well… this is why:
(Band of show!)

2023/11/24 07:35:25

A panic-stricken world shackled by wars, crises, poverty and environmental disasters… How do these events sound transformed into a creative musical amalgam made from Reggae, Ska, Funk and Electronic Pop Music?

2023/10/26 16:26:49

»Endoscope+Equialized« by кожа is here. Meticulously reconstructed and remastered from the original analogue master tapes. For the first time coupled a full production of Endoscope plus new reworkings by friends.

2023/10/26 16:24:41

Spare five minutes tonight and enjoy the première of кожа's »Endoscope [Re-infiltrated]«. Originally recorded as a demo version in 1995. Now reconstructed and refined this track opens the new digital EP »Endoscoped+Equalized«. See you at 9pm CEST here: