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Species Of Lust (EP)

by Koža

Released January 1996
Daftly inspired by BIG BLACK'S SONGS ABOUT FUCKING album from 1987, Koža expolored the theme of how sex is unerotically represented in media as a product of consumption. Youthful in its creation, the song found its way into underground discotheques and the club mix filled dance floors. Koža, never keen of being a band to dance to, were amazed and released a ltd edition 12" edition in luminous purple vinyl subsequently. That 12" provided the only lost remix from the entire Data File Catalogue which is a dub mix of SPECIES called SON OF LUST. The multi-track is missing and the DAT-premaster hasn't survived. But the CD-Single is still available. At last.


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image Species Of Lust (EP)