Data File Music

The Essential Room 101 (1994-2009)

by Room 101

Had a scheduled release for November 2009, but was scrapped. Digital Release: April 2016
In 2008 Jörg Abendroth & Mirco Dalos planned to relaunch classic wave/gothic combo ROOM 101. Unfortunately the idea never materialised. Yet, they sat together with old time partner Etch to transfer and restore all of the original master tapes (which are all 8-track, 1-inch analogue tapes) into the digital domain. In doing so, they found a mere nine tracks of unfinished and unreleased material alongside alternative versions of older tracks. From that they compiled THE ESSENTIAL (1994 - 2009) double cd-album which was due for release late 2009. Now, while creating the new shop for the catalogue of Data File Music, we found this worth to be made available digitally. Download Versions come with an extensive booklet of liner notes.


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image The Essential Room 101 (1994-2009)